It is one of those Saturday evenings where I find myself quite bored therefore I turn to my WhatsApp so that I can read those many unread texts, at least turning some greyticks into blueticks and replying to those that deserve one. As I go through these unread chats, I notice this particular group of… Continue reading THE UNPLEASANT RUSH TO SEEK VALIDATION



The history of the people of the United States of America cannot be written without mentioning the Civil War. While indeed there are several other historical events that have taken place within the territory of the US such as the now infamous and abhorred Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, the 1776-83 Revolution that led to the independence… Continue reading THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR

Repost: Fault in our Stars!

‘Maneno ya inflation wachia watu wa Zimbabwe, we ambia serikali ikupatie kazi’. These words constantly run through my mind as I listen to my economics professor go on and on about the intricacies of inflation and Keynesian economics on Zoom. Maybe it’s because the concept of money losing value due to overabundance rankles me so… Continue reading Repost: Fault in our Stars!


A busy Monday morning. Rongai town in the outskirts of Nairobi City is dusty as usual. I am getting into the offices of Vijana Economic Front Party where this interview is slated for.  After the temperature screening at the gate, I head straight to the Office of The Secretary General of VEF Party. The dark… Continue reading YOUNG CHANGEMAKERS EDITION

A Treatise on Love.

Lokeshen: Kiongos Barber Shop.Audience: The boys (and the barber of course)The tunes of Lil Nas’ ‘Panini’ cut through the air like a knife through Swiss cheese, interrupting our raucous conversation about who we should install as captain this week on our FPLs, and more importantly , whether the Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium would be put to… Continue reading A Treatise on Love.


9/11 has become a common term. Many people know at least a few things about what exactly 9/11 means. If you meet a stranger in the streets today and ask them what they know about 9/11, they will probably scratch their heads and scantily tell you about an attack that occurred on September 11, 2001.… Continue reading HISTORY TANK : 9/11