Lucia Mwanzia Student, Rhodes College, Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America. Champion of Equal access of education, and a college student leader The curtains are soon falling for the 2021st year of the Gregorian calendar, and the best way possible to get down the year is to interview one of the most inspiring people I… Continue reading THE STORY OF TRIUMPH


The Breathtaking Nyanza tourism destinations that you’ve never heard about! Kenya is indeed a country that enjoys a rich and beautiful nature. While the government and private tourism and travel agencies have done arguably great in marketing the magical scenery within the 582,650 sq km of Kenya however it is worth to note that they… Continue reading MAGICAL KENYA


The refreshing tales of the best students fete ever at MKU-SoL *Sponsored Post* MR. AND MISS. MKU 2021On the evening of Thursday, November 11, the fraternity of Mount Kenya University School of law constellated at the famous Nairobi Cinema to witness the finals of Mr. and Miss. MKU Parklands, a fete to celebrate fashion and… Continue reading MR & MISS MKU PARKLANDS