VISIT RWANDA: A  special post welcoming all the African Leadership University freshmen to Rwanda

During this week, a lot of events are unfolding throughout the world. In the US Senate, Democrats fail to defeat the GOP    opposition on voting rights,  NASA’s Artemis 1 mission, the first moon bound mission built for crew since the days of Apollo will be preparing for launch at the Kennedy Space center, Adele’s ME is maintaining the top position of  the chart at the Billboard and the former Africa’s soccer powerhouse and the four times winner of the AFCON Ghana were ruthlessly and ungracefully bundled out by the minnows and first time attendees COMOROS at this year’s edition of the AFRICAN CUP OF NATIONS.  All these are indeed intriguing events happening throughout the globe, but do you know the week is that do you know the biggest event of the week? Africa’s most innovative company as declared by Fast Company Magazine, the African Leadership University is welcoming its foreign freshmen to the Rwanda campus. This is an extremely exciting event and because of it, I am writing this to welcome the foreign ALU freshmen to Rwanda by taking them to a virtual tour of the East African country of Rwanda.

To begin with, the country with the +250 International code is without doubt a beautiful country bestowed with abundance of mother Africa. Rwanda boasts of massive flora and fauna that has kept the entire world interested in visiting Rwanda. The visit Rwanda tag is synonymous with Arsenal and PSG Football Clubs in Europe which are used  by Rwanda to market the enormous rich of natural phenomena that it contains within its borders. Many have asked if indeed visiting Rwanda is worth it, and my response is a big yes.

Rwanda measures an area of 26, 338 sq km, almost the size of Maryland state in the US. Rwanda is among the youngest members of the CommonWealth having ditched the francophone African countries and is now leaning towards Anglophone with its Republican government led by Paul Kagame who is widely celebrated world over for massive economic reforms of the country that experienced the worst ever genocide in the world almost thirty years ago. While I was taking some social media stroll, I came upon some information that this country is the home to incredibly alluring lasses, a fact that upon confirmation with my henchmen on the ground, was certified to be a general truth 😊. Therefore, the ALU first year students are in for nothing but an awesome wonder.

The gateway to Rwanda is the Kigali international Airport also known as Kanombe international Airport or simply KGL. The Rwanda Airports Authority facility is located at Kanombe Sector in the eastern edge of Kigali approximately 5 kilometers east of the KIGALI CBD. Once in Kigali, there is just so much to live for. Restaurants with mouth watering cuisines are lined up in various streets. Restaurants like Inka House, Soy Asian Table, the Hut are just but a few.  With a good meal, and probably a cup of cappuccino, you are now ready to hike the country of a thousand hills.  To start the tour, it is extremely important to know about the history of the country and where the country is from and this leads you to the Kigali Genocide Memorial which commemorates the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. The remains of almost 3000, 000 people were interred here. This beautiful facility is located at KG 14 Avenue just at the heart of Kigali. From the Memorial, you will need some fruits to eat and that leads us to Kimironko market in Kigali. This market is well known for its buzzing and distinctive nature with colorful selling points depicting the richness of the African culture among the people of Rwanda. From the market, you will need  a touch of art and this gets you to the Inema Arts Centre. Located at Kigali 563 Street, it contains massive collection of artwork including carvings and sculptors which all represent the rich cultural heritage that Rwanda is.

From here, you can head out of the city towards the wild and you find yourself at Nyungwe forest National Park  in Rusizi. The forest located  located next to the Burundi border is well known for chimpanzee tracking/trekking. Well, do you know what Billionaires do for holidays? They trek chimpanzees.  The forest is also home to other species as well and has a great diversity of rainforest trees. From here you head westwards towards the DRC Border and you find yourself in the Rift Valley lake of Kivu.   Lake Kivu is a member of  the Africa’s great lakes  in the Albertine Rift valley . It has a breathtaking scenery. Another spectacular view to look at is Gishwati-Mukura National Park and biosphere Reserve which sits on the ridge which divides the Congo and Nile Water Catchment Areas along the Biodiverse Albertine Rift Valley . It is made of 60 species of trees including the indigenous hardwoods, many chimpanzees and birds as well. It is home to many chimpanzees and birds.  Still at  the DRC Border, you get yourself to Gisenye Town in the shores of L. Kivu and seats at the foot of volcanic mountains.

Nyamata memorial is another breathtaking scenery. During the ’94 Genocide, 45, 308 people were buried here in mass graves. Originally a Catholic church, locals had trooped this church to take cover only for all of them to be wiped out. It is among the six genocide memorials.
Finally you head to Nyanza District of Southern Province, 88 km from the capital Kigali. King Mutera 3’s palace offers a detailed look at the traditional monarchy system of Rwanda. The long horned royal cows Inyembo are also available for view.
These are indeed very beautiful sceneries and that the incoming freshmen will have a time of their lives ( or should I say our lives being that I am among the freshmen). Well, worevaa😌. Welcome all of you my dear classmates to Rwanda. Can’t wait to see each one of you and dance to the tunes of the Dior like a badman.

My friend Vincent Sugira who was recently feted by the leading newspaper in Rwanda, The New Time as the most promising young poet decided to decorate this welcoming article by adding his artistic prowess. This high rising and very talented lad who is  also a local resident of Rwanda and is among the freshmen of ALU penned this beautiful poem below to welcome all of us to Rwanda. Enjoy the poem!

Pure skies,
Greeny lands,
Breathtaking plains,
Skin thrilling sun,
And a welcoming heartbeat,
Right at the heart of Africa,
A beautiful sense of Rwanda.

From the far borders to the capital,
From the giant blue roof to the multicolor Surface,
The touch is tender,
The view explorative,
Complication of an endless beauty,
And the joy of arrival in the Thousand Hills, is one of kind.

The busy crowds,
Africa’s cleanest city,
Nightlife at the festive Kigali city,
The famous gorilla trekking,
Or just a stare of the relaxing mountains,
All this and many more await you,
Brain’s muscles and welcome giggles.
Pin your desires, for you are at the right place.

A land of peace and prosperity,
Extremely fit for dreaming big,
And a zone to achieve greatness.
A home to elegant ladies,
And a scent that is never forgotten,
Murakaza neza murisanga,
Mu Rwanda rwa Gasabo.
A lifetime scene to live, welcome to Rwanda.
~ Vincent Sugira , Freshman, ALU  


By Lincoln Oyugi

Just as Isaac Newton died a virgin, I'll die a writer!

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