BORN A LEADER.        

Marion Bii
President, Law Students Association. Kabarak University- Kenya.

It is the holiday season once more and people all over the world have trooped their holidaying homes as they celebrate the end of the year. Our interviewer of the day too is on holiday, and I have to literally comb her out of her rural home because it would be a grave travesty to end this year without having a word from this bubbly personality. Due to the difference in locations (damn, I am also holidaying), I reached out to her through video conferencing. As we start our discussion, I could not help but notice her comely figure punctuated with an hour glass. Her curvilinear waist was tapered and she had a burnished gold complexion. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. Her delicate ears framed her button nose. A set of dazzling, angel white teeth gleamed as she blew gently on her carmine fingernails. It was a pleasure to see her after a long time as she was punctuated with a flowing, moon shadow black hair.  As we started talking, her saccharine voice that quickly replied to my seasons’ greetings.
We walked down the memory lane as we reminisced that time when we met for the first time, quite a number of years ago. She told me of her personal developments since them, all which were admirable. Due to shortness in time, and the fact that this guest wanted to go look at her potatoes which she left roasted and she thought they were soon over roasting. We went straight away to the interview, and guess what, this is a wholesome interview. Do not miss any bit. The famous, the indefatigable Marion Bii talks, and the entire world listens.


I am Marion Bii Chepkemoi, born on July 4, 20 years ago in Kitale, a town in the foot of Mt. Elgon in Kenya. As you can see, I share a birthday with the United States of America. I studied at Kitale School (then Kitale Academy) for my entire primary school education before proceeding to Moi Girls High School, Eldoret for my secondary school education. After graduating from high school, I joined Kabarak University, where I am currently a third year student pursuing  Legum Baccalaureus (LLB) also known as Bachelor of Laws. It is important to add that I am also a business owner, being the CEO of my venture, Bii Afrique which is a business that makes and sells bags made from denim, leather and Ankara. Currently, I am the president of the Law Students Association at Kabarak University. I also maintain a huge social media presence especially on Instagram where I post photos and create content. I am a born again Christian, I love Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I speak English, Swahili and French. I also love coloring. I do it for fun and find it therapeutic.


I have served in different leadership capacities since my childhood. It all started in my class three in lower primary school when I was elected a class prefect, a position I held for every other subsequent class (grade) I went to in primary school. In my second last year of primary (class seven), the students of my school elected me as a Deputy Headgirl, a fete they repeated when they elected me as their headgirl in my last year of primary school (class eight) in 2014. On the same year, I was selected as the Deputy President of all primary school students in Kitale in Trans Nzoia County. Upon joining Moi Girls for my secondary school, I was elected unopposed as a class prefect. I remember the day like yesterday. So in Moi Girls, students nominate whoever they want as a class prefect, and the nominees move ahead to face each other in elections. In my then class, Form 1 Gammar, during the nomination, I was nominated by everyone in unison. However, I was not ready to get into leadership roles in high school is because I had been a leader for many years in primary school and I faced opposition here and there, something that made me think of hanging my boots on matters leadership. Even as I snubbed this endorsement by my fellow students, a teacher told me that she had spotted a gift of leadership in me and it will still follow me later. Indeed, a year later, I was elected a House Catain in charge of my dorm. . The cake was iced in my final year, Form Four 2018 when I was elected the School Captain of The Moi Girls High School. In the same year, I was crowned Miss Moi Girls. I have also served as a teens leader in my church Apart from being a president, I am also the President, International Court of Justice, a branch of Kenya Model United Nations (KMUN) Kabarak University Chapter.  I am also the default group leader of any discussion group that I get into (laughs).  I am motivated to go for leadership positions because of the belief that I have within me to lead, and the fact that in whatever I do, I put my best foot forward. I am also greatly motivated by the fact that many people see my leadership capabilities and qualities.


Anyone who wants to be a leader must start by leading themselves. Leadership starts at a personal level, therefore the big question you must ask yourself before you lead others is, can you lead yourself? A leader knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way. In as much as leadership starts with you as an individual, it is all about the service of others. Any leader must aspire to leave a mark in any position they hold, and this cannot be done without putting effort. This can be done when as a leader you do your best, become innovative and humble. A leader also thinks ahead, and reminds others beyond what they can see. Therefore, a leader must be hawk eyed and always be on the look of what is happening ahead beyond the horizon.


I had never thought of myself as a law student, or any involvement with a legal career. I always looked forward to becoming a medical doctor, and this made me to burn the midnight oil in high school as I kept my head rooted in studying subjects like Biology that were to put me in a vantage position of realizing my dream and ambitions of studying medicine and being a doctor. However, getting me getting to Law School can be described as a hand of God. So you see, when my results for the secondary school exams emerged, I did not meet the cut off points of studying medicine. For a moment, I was stranded because these was my deep rooted passion, something I had invested so much time prepping for. In that particular tensed moment of selecting courses, a relative made a comment in passing that law is among the courses that I had qualified for, and I felt something in me shout that indeed it was the rightful course for me. Completely an act of faith. So finally I got admitted to law school of Kabarak University. I was of course happy and contented.
Three academic years innit and law school has been nothing but fabulous full of interesting content. Lawyers are social engineers and usually solve social issues. All corners of the world have people facing legal problems every other day, from succession, through divorce to land issues. So yeah, learning about the society deeply has intrigued me. The concepts in law school make me feel farther at home. Being at Kabarak Law has been eye opening. Lecs here guide as on the best ways to live life, both in line with profession and out of it. I also have awesome classmates and friends. Without forgetting, I cannot finish talking about law school without mentioning my Dean, Prof  John Osogo Ambani, who is not only towering in legal knowledge but also very much into servant leadership. He is my leadership role model. I cannot forget to mention my lecturer Ms Gachanga who is a jack of all trades, and a master in all of them. I am inspired on how she juggles through the lecture halls, to the courts as a litigator, to human rights organizations as an activist and many more. As a woman, that inspires me so much. So in law school, I have learnt, grown and made networks. Law school in itself is not easy as you know. One has to be very dedicated to the goal. I am confident that I will do well.


I am the Founder and the Chief Executive of Bii Afrique, a venture that I launched in September this year. We specialize at designing and making bags from Ankara, leather and denim. We use our own designs, or at times customize to meet the taste of our clients. I have also engaged in the business of selling jewelry to my classmates. One can access as on Instagram through @ Bii_Afrique


As a leader, I am always with the people. In school, you will always find me in company of friends just chatting and catching up. I love music, especially afro beats and Kenyan music. I listen to Sauti Sol a lot. I also listen to Sol Generation. I cannot go without professing my love for Nyashinki and his songs… oooh sorry, I meant to say my love for Nyashinki’s songs. (laughssssssss). I also love reading. My current read is ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama.


Effoll Tower in France. I think by virtue of knowing French, then it is only fair that I visit France. This is a must do! My other dream destination is the Marion town in Kentucky, US. I would really love to be in a place that shares a name with me. In connection to my love for Africa, I would also love to visit African countries. Top of my list are Egypt, South Africa and Nigeria.


I think it is because I am a very social person. I love to see joy in my presence and this makes my to interact and enjoy the company of almost everyone around me. I also think that I have established a brand around my name, and this brand attracts people. On Gram, I usually post quality photos with killer captions ( in a way that that resonates with many people) and this tends to attract people around the Marion Bii brand.


Roasted potatoes. Damnn, I love that. 


Happy and Prosperous New Year 2022. As we start the year, I urge everyone to put down in writing their goals and ambitions.Trust me, it works. For eample, when the year started, I had prepared the year for a personal rebrand. And indeed, I have rebranded myself massively. I am now a business owner and a school president plus several other personal goals that have worked for me. I encourage you all to jot down those ambitions and act of them, lest they just remain inks on pieces of paper. You can do reviews probably twice a year just to confirm the trajectory. Goals can also be divided further into short term goals, probably monthly alongside the long term goals. Finally, visit www. to write your future self a letter.
Happy New Year 2022.


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By Lincoln Oyugi

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