The refreshing tales of the best students fete ever at MKU-SoL

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On the evening of Thursday, November 11, the fraternity of Mount Kenya University School of law constellated at the famous Nairobi Cinema to witness the finals of Mr. and Miss. MKU Parklands, a fete to celebrate fashion and cultural icons of the school. This fete had been commenced by a weeklong cultural festivals where students showcased the rich cultural heritage and diversity that exists within their fraternity. This was done through fashion wears where the students donned different attires like the sport wears, traditional wears, official wears, primary school wear and casual wears. All thee bee hive of fashion extravaganza that entire week indeed curtain raised successfully this memorable event that the students will live to remember and cherish.

The event started a few minutes before nine in the evening when these upcoming lawyers started streaming in. I noticed the sharp fashion sense that each of them rocked. Indeed, they understood the assignment and were ready for the showpiece. These event as well included the other member of the school fraternity including the classy lecturers who are mostly practicing advocates.

As students continued to throng the venue, I could not help but notice that they had actually emulated some of the best events in the world like Pitti Imagine Fashion Gala in the city of Florence because most of them were in twos, to mean this was not just another cockfest event but one that had people attend with prom dates. Looking at the hall, I imagined myself at the Sydney Opera House because the lighting was so much on point. The stage was glittering in a fluorescent illumination. The disco lights were all over making this theatre hall exactly what the comrades. Across the room, the media team of the Spotlight club were ready to capture every moment and document it in the books of history because just like R.J Palacio once said that the things we do outlast our mortality because they are like monuments built in honor of heroes or like the pyramids of Egypt built in honor of Pharaoh. Indeed, the memories that the Spotlight Club kept of this day will live beyond mortality.

As time went by, the MC who was full of energy called the house to order as beautiful music played in the background. At this moment, the big ceremony was to begin. It was in this ceremony that the school would decide who the fashion icons of MKU School of Law are. Different models walked onto the runway donning different clothing with different tastes of culture and fashion. The first dressing on stage was that of primary school uniform. Both the male and female pageants dressed to kill in their primary school attires set the runways into high octane. This was followed by dressing as a high powered lawyer, then sportswear and then traditional wear with the models on stage showcasing the rich cultural dressing that our forefathers use to wear in the traditional days. As this went own, a crazy audience of students cheered in top voice to their favorite models. Each member of the audience screamed their lungs out psyching up their best contenders to win. When the rounds of the runway ended, it was time to know the winner of the much hyped event. The judges who all these time were hawk eyed at the performance of each model finalized their final marking. The audience waited fidgetly and apprehensively. The contestants waited with a bated breath to know who was going to carry the crown of the prestigious award. A smooth sensational beats of house music played to relax the mood of this extremely tensed moments. Finally, the time everyone had been waiting for was arrived at.

All the models lined on the stage as the winners of this extremely colorful fete were being recognized. Mr. and Miss MKU Law Campus were revealed as Newton Kiragu and Judy respectively. The crowd went to a frenzy as the names of this two icons were being mentioned. Everyone in the hall that evening agreed that indeed, these were the rightful winners of this event.
The stage was then opened for the student leadership who gave an address to the comrades who were today here as revelers. This was then followed by the school administration led by the Director and ADOS. All of them were dressed to kill and one could mistake them for young girls in their twenties.

As the middle of the night was nearing, the comrades were then served with live perfomances from the best artist in the country at the moment. These were the shamra shamra hitmakers Mbuzi Gang and the comrades friendly Breeder LW. They engaged the full packed hall into an array of dances and good vibes. Students and the teaching staff all showed their best dancing feet. The singing and dancing not forgetting merry making went on till the crack of dawn.

All the comrades of MKU School of Law agree that this is the best event that they had ever attended since joining the school. Without doubt, they live to remember the day.


By Lincoln Oyugi

Just as Isaac Newton died a virgin, I'll die a writer!


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